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  • 1st annual industry meeting – industry analysis requirements workshop

Meetings & Workshops

Over the course of the project, a series of workshops and meetings were held throughout Europe. Details of these meetings, as well as copies of the presentations made and documents produced, are freely available for download.

To locate materials associated with a specific industry or technology area, use the advanced search facility, or visit the relevant industry or technology section of the website.

FENet Project Review Meeting
The final FENet meeting was held in conjunction with the NAFEMS World Congress 2005, held in May 2005. NAFEMS was the coordinator of the FENet project, and the World Congress is widely regarded as the premier independant conference for the FE co…more

17th May 2005
St Julians, Malta

8th Technology Workshop
Education & Dissemination (ED) and Durability and Life Extension (DLE) Design by Analysis: The use of Finite Element Analyses in Design Codes of Practice – part I Durability and Life Extension (DLE) Design by Analy…more

24th Feb 2005
Budapest, Hungary

4th Annual Industry Meeting – Materials Modelling
The theme of the meeting was “materials modelling” or more specifically “How to categorise and analyse real material behaviour”. All industry sectors represented in FENET have identified this as an area of topical impo…more

2nd Dec 2004
Lisbon, Portugal

7th Technology Workshop
Durability and Life Extension (DLE) Advanced FE Contact Benchmarks – Users Feedback & Finite Element Modelling of Damage Multi Physics and Analysis (MPA) Practical Experience of Computational Modelling of Multi-Phy…more

7th Oct 2004
Glasgow, UK

6th Technology Workshop
Durability and Life Extension (DLE): FE Issues Related to Creep and Viscoelasticity Advanced FE Contact Benchmarks Multi Physics and Analysis (MPA): ‘ Hands-on’ Experience of Computational Modelling of M…more

24th Mar 2004
Majorca, Spain

4th Technology Workshop
Durability and Life Extension (DLE): Finite Element Simulation of Welds and Joints Multi Physics and Analysis (MP): Fluid-Structure Interaction Product and System Optimization (PSO): Benchmark and Guidelines for Optimisatio…more

26th Feb 2003
Barcelona, Spain

3rd Technology Workshop
Durability and Life Extension (DLE): Finite Element Simulation of Fracture and Crack Growth Multi Physics and Analysis (MP): Computational Modeling of Strongly Coupled Interaction in Multi-Physics Problems Product and Syste…more

11th Sep 2002
Trieste, Italy

2nd Technology Workshop
As agreed in the Workshop Planning Meeting, a NAFEMS/ FENET Awareness Seminar on “Web Based Training for Engineering Analysis“ was held one day prior the FENET Technical Workshops. The workshop intended to provide delegates …more

13th Jun 2002
Zurich, Switzerland

1st Technology Workshop
Following the first NSC Meeting, September 2001 in London, UK, the FENET Industry Meeting , November 2001 in Wiesbaden, Germany, and a Workshop Planning Meeting at the University of Greenwich, London, in December 2001 (see articles in FENET …more

27th Feb 2002
Copenhagen, Denmark

1st Annual Industry Meeting – Industry Analysis Requirements Workshop
Presentations: • 8 on analysis issues and business drivers in industry areas • 4 on background issues & requirements based on presentations arising out of the NSC meeting in RTD areas • over 60 industry presentations …more

13th Nov 2001
Wiesbaden, Germany

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