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FENet was a Thematic Network, funded by the European Commission for four years from August 2001. The network sought to coordinate activities within Europe aimed at improving both the quality of industrial applications of finite element technology and the level of confidence that can be placed in the computed results.

The activities of the network were focussed on three technology areas:

  • Durability and Life Extension
  • Multi-Physics & New Technology
  • Product & System Optimisation.

Running parallel to these technology areas were the general thematic activities of Education, Dissemination and the Identification of Strategic Research and Development needs.

In excess of 110 organisations were members of FENet, representing the following industry sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Land transport
  • Bio-medical
  • Civil construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Power and Pressure Systems
  • Process and Manufacturing

A principal objective of FENet was to collate and structure existing information and to facilitate the efficient exchange of experience and knowledge within, and between, different industrial sectors within the European Community.

The industrial application of finite element technology has expanded dramatically. It has become a generic enabling technology across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors and across application areas within each sector. Given this widespread application its importance to industry is clearly profound. However, the use of finite element technology within the various industrial sectors varies considerably.

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